Get boosted in arena

hearthstone arena boost

Getting 12 wins in arena is surely the most hardest thing in Hearthtone after getting legend.
Special skills in drafting and a lot of experience of arena playing are required.
We have both in order to make sure we can deliver you however many wins you order.

As a reward you get the special shiny key that everyone knows. The highest win in arena is
forever written in Hearthstone statistics. Moreover you get plenty of gold allowing you to buy
more arena entries, dust for crafting new cards or golden cards along with free pack.

Desired arena key:
Screenshare :

Please note that you need to have atleast 450 gold or 3 arena access so we can keep
playing even if the first attempt is not successful.
All packs gained during the boost are left for you to open them along with extra dust you get!
If you for any reason wish to play with the booster via screenshare 50% extra fee is applied.

After the order is finished you will be notified and you will get a screenshot.

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