Get shiny golden heroes

hearthstone golden heroes

Are 500 wins too time consuming for you? Let us do it for you! The golden hero is being performed on lower ranks - between rank 20 and rank 15. 

The service is available for all servers. It is absolutely safe – no bots are used. All of boosts are performed by our booster – professional Hearthtone player.
Please note that you need to have atleast one good deck for the class you want to get boosted.
The time needed for completing golden hero boost depends on how many wins you need – getting about 500 wins requires more time. However our boosters will play as much as possible to make sure your order is finished quickly.

You are also welcome to spectate from another account added to the friendlist!

Number of wins:
Screenshare :

After the order is finished. You will be notified and you will get a screenshot. 

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