We can boost you to any rank in Hearthstone

 Do you struggle on the ladder or you don't have just time? We can get you to any rank with our Hearthstone boosting service
The boost is provided on every server. It is usually finished within 1-3 days (depending on the current meta and RNG).
For the legend boost you must have decent card collection (atleast one meta deck) which we can hit legend with.
You choose the mode in which you want to get boosted - either standart or wild.
You are also welcome to spectate (from another account) during the whole boosting. This way you can possibly learn
something and track the progress. Moreover you can log in to your account when you see the booster is currently offline.
After the boost is finished you will be notified and you will receive a screenshot of acquiring legend cardback.

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When is the last day in month I can get boosting?

There is no such thing. It depends on your rank but usually boosts at the end of season are very fast so we can boost you even if you thought it is too late. Please ask us in the livechat or on Skype for more information.

Delivery time: 

It depends on the state of current meta, RNG (luck involved) and whether it is a beginning or ending of the season. But most of the time it takes approximately 1-3 days to finish a boost.

When you will start?

We will start right away or in few hours after purchasing. If there are some boosts that need to be finished before yours one you will be told estimated time of the beginning of your boost.

How does the spectate work?

You create another account that will be added to the friendlist. This way you can see the progress and learn something possibly.

Who is boosting my account and are bots used?

The account is boosted by one of our professional players that have hit legend rank many times and are very experienced in boosting. No bots are used.

I am interested but I still have some questions what should I do?

Either contact us via the livechat in the right lower corner or add us on Skype


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Contact us

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Contact us

Feel free to add us on Skype

We are online most of the time! We will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also talk to us while the boost is being perfomed. We will keep you informed about the progress and let you know once the boost is finished :)

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About our Hearthstone rank boosting

Who are we and what you can get?

We offer you the fast, reliable and cheap hearthstone boosting service. We are a group of players who play hearthstone since beta who regularly reach top 100 legend ranks, therefore we have large amount of experience allowing us to boost you fast!

Is it safe?

As hearthstone players who love hearthstone and professional gamers we do not use bots or any other program making our job easier so it is absolutely safe for you.

Hearthstone boosting during the beginning of the season

Please be aware that hearthstone boosting at the start of season is always harder and it might take more time. Feel free to ask us on Skype.

Is it necessary to have a good card collection?

It is also important to have a decent collection of cards to reach legend rank and higher ranks (rank 5 – legend). we will always evaluate your hearthstone card collection and tell you if it is possible to hit desired rank.

Can I log in during the boost?

You shouldn't log in as it can disconnect the booster. However if you see the booster is offline you can go ahead and log in.

How can I pay?

We accept payments via Paypal. For purchasing a boost please choose your starting and desired rank and follow instructions.

Hearthstone Rewards

For getting boosted you will earn special rewards which are:
Legend card back(in case you get boosted to legend)
This hearthstone card back can be obtained only by reaching legend rank. It is a symbol of prestige as only 0.5% of Hearthstone players have it.

The Highest Rank Bonus chest
In the box you may find golden cards (even epic), and Arcane Dust, along with that season's card back.  Rewards in the Hearthstone rank bonus chest get better with every higher rank you get. Your highest rank is also displayed in the Quest Log.

Being Legend
You get to play as Hearthstone legend the rest of season with no possibility of "falling out" and you can meet your favorite Hearthstone streamers and play versus them or another best players in Hearthstone and practice on the highest level possible in Hearthstone

Ranking percentages

See here how you stand compared to other players! 

75% of players are between ranks 25 and 15

17.5% of players are between ranks 15 and 10

5.5% of players are between ranks 10 and 5

2% of players are between ranks 5 and Legend

0.5% of players are at Legend
Hearthstone Boosting cardback
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